Preparation Tips for Residential Roofing Services

san-francisco-roofing-companyWhether you’re exploring Bay Area roofing services because a tenant recently complained about leaks around a skylight or searching for a roofing contractor to repair a commercial building’s roof, you want to prepare effectively. Here are guidelines to minimize the stress and uncertainty of your residential roofing project.

First off, ensure safe, easy, clear access to the area.
Make sure there are enough places for construction vehicles to park.

Protect outside possessions.
Cover hot tubs, water areas, delicate flowers, plants, pools, etc. Clear away furniture, sprinklers, and other items that either could be damaged by the construction or create hazards.

Prepare your family and neighbors.
If you have school age kids, explain to them that you are doing work on the house and ask them to stay away from the construction site and to keep their friends away from it as well. Pets may also need to be shepherded away from the construction area. Since work might be loud, alert your neighbors. You may need to follow local and residential codes with respect to noise, work hours, etc. Familiarize yourself with those codes.

Remove valuables/essentials from your attic before construction starts.
For instance, if you have family heirlooms the attic, remove those to downstairs prior to roofing services above the attic. You may also want to remove or secure paintings and wall hangings, since heavy construction can cause buildings to shake.

Ask the San Francisco Roofing Team What Due Diligence is Necessary

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