It’s a perennial roofing dilemma – should you replace or repair your roof? The decision you make can impact your pocketbook immediately, and have longer term consequences for the value of your home, its salability, its ability to stand up against the elements, and even the size of your heating and power bills. 

Before you hire a roofing contractor or start picking out shingles, give thought to the following considerations.

First of all, what kind of roof repair/replacement do you need done?

Bay Area roof repairIf a branch blew onto your roof and ripped out shingles or tore a small hole in the roof, you can probably replace the damaged areas relatively cheaply. Of course, you will need to match replacement shingles with the ones currently in use (this can be a problem for some homeowners). If the patch job looks too prominent, you may have a hard time selling the home later. Just like mismatch-colored car doors cause auto buyers to be skeptical; obviously patchwork roofing scares off homebuyers.

What if the damage is more extensive or involves more structural issues, such as mold or general weathering of significant portions of the structure?

In that case, a full spectrum removal/remodeling might be appropriate. However, you may still be able to get away with a partial replacement, depending on the size and scope of the damage.

That said, partial replacements can be quite tricky. They tend to be expensive, when you measure the cost per square foot. They can also create structural problems, since you may need to combine two slightly differently structures on the roof.

Total reroofing, on the other hand, is a bigger overall job, but it can pay longer dividends. A new roof that’s architected and maintained properly can increase the value of your home and prevent or at least reduce future maintenance and repair challenges.

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