Bay Area roof damaged by fallen tree

Emergency Roof Repair May be Required After a Storm

When extreme weather conditions occur, your roof may be in danger. It is important to inspect your roof for damage, leaks, and other issues after an intense storm. This is especially necessary in areas where the weather is usually mild and rain is rare, such as the Bay Area. Make sure to check around your home for signs of trouble, look for leaks, and schedule a roof inspection with trusted roofing contractors that specialize in San Francisco residential roofing.

Tour the outside of your home
One of the first steps in assessing damage after a storm is to take a walk around your house to look for signs of breakage. Keep an eye out for red flags such as pieces of shingles that have fallen. Windows and siding should be inspected for any signs of damage as well. Check up on trees and power lines near your property to make sure that they haven’t cracked or fallen over.

Inspect your attic
Attics are notorious for being the first spot to have a leak in homes. After the storm has passed, use a flashlight to thoroughly inspect your attic for any leaks or moisture that might indicate an issue. Upstairs ceilings should also be checked for leaks or yellow spots. If a leak is found, a Bay Area roof repair company should be called over to inspect the problem as soon as possible to prevent further staining and rot.

Look for broken shingles
From several different angles on the ground, attempt to look for damage to your roof and shingles. It is usually best to leave any potentially dangerous inspection to a team of roofing professionals that are familiar with emergency roof repair and check-ups rather than risk injury to yourself.

Call a Bay Area Roofing Contractor to Inspect Your Roof

While some things can be done yourself, it is always advisable to turn to a roofing company when possible. There are too many things that could be easily missed by untrained eyes that could cause more damage if left unchecked. Ben’s Roofing in the San Francisco Bay area is a trusted company that specializes in roofing repair. Turn to Ben’s Roofing for emergency repairs and standard inspections to ensure that you get the service your roof deserves. Contact us online, or by phone at (510) 690-8570.