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San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Roofing Advice

At first glance, commercial and residential gutters may seem to be the same basic thing: channels that keep water off of roofs. However, there are some interesting differences between the two.

The Type of Roof They’re Attached To

As the names imply, commercial and residential gutters serve two different types of buildings. Generally speaking, those are businesses and certain multifamily properties in the case of commercial gutters and single-family homes in the case of residential gutters. For example, San Francisco commercial roofing may involve installing a large gutter system on a bayside warehouse. The large, flat roof of a warehouse will have considerable drainage needs. Conversely, residential roofing may involve a smaller job on a home in the suburbs, which won’t have the same drainage requirements.

Laws Governing the Installation Process

Different municipalities have different rules when it comes to gutter installation. For example, Bay Area gutter installation may be governed by different codes and laws than gutter installation in Arizona or another part of the country. Additionally, commercial and residential jobs may have different rules as well. Make sure you’re working with a reputable installer who is aware of such codes.

The Type of Gutter

Commercial and residential roofing systems also rely on different styles of gutters. In residential areas, Bay Area roofing may feature K-style or U-style gutters. These are the two main styles homeowners have to choose from, as explained on K-style gutters are often used on angular roofs, while U-style gutters tend to appear on older homes with round rooflines.

Meanwhile, commercial properties often sport box-style gutters. These can deal with the larger amounts of water that flat roofs need to disperse. Box gutters are often complemented with beefy downspouts that can likewise handle heavy flows of water and debris. All of these gutter options have different styles and variants; your gutter installer should be able to provide sound advice on the best option for your property.


Beyond the functionality of different sizes and styles of gutters, there’s another factor that tends to set apart residential and commercial gutters: their aesthetics. Commercial gutters tend to be bulkier, while homeowners may seek out sleeker gutters for their property.

Bay Area Roofing Contractors Are Here To Help

One thing all of these gutters have in common is that they require maintenance from time to time. For help on that front, contact Ben’s Roofing so we can help you find the best solution for you..