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Residential Roofing Repair for Homeowners Associations

Irrespective as to whether you reside in a gated community or a condominium complex, homeowner’s association are common throughout different regions with their primary function being to ensure that properties are not only aesthetically pleasing but also of high value. In case a roof is required on a single home or an entire condominium building, the occupants have an obligation to work together as a team. The homeowners should conduct an assessment of their needs together with the budget concerns for all the residents before contracting a roofing company.

Upon merging as a team, the Homeowners’ Association groups are expected to appoint one individual as their coordinator. The coordinator may at times also double up as the treasurer. To ensure that both the HOA and the roofers have one point of contact, the person who is appointed as the HOA, should not only have more than enough time to meet with the residential roofing professionals but also should be well versed in roofing discussions. The estimated cost for large properties is usually much more than those single standard family homes.

The HOA coordinator should set up meetings with several contractors to establish which contractor has the best prices and the highest quality. The representatives should also be able to air out their concerns and comfort levels to the contractor when they meet again with the homeowners. All the details of the quotes should be posted and discussed by the entire board. Discussing the particulars of the quotes with the entire board will allow everyone to make an informed decision. When a contractor is finally selected, the HOA must meet up with the contractor to discuss the installation periods. The contractor may offer three or four different time slots upon which the work will be completed.

The period can either be closely spaced i.e. within a given season or widely spaced i.e. across an entire year. Since unexpected weather may damage exposed materials, there is no teardown of the entire building or complex. Each of the properties will be allocated an installation time. Additionally, the homeowner will receive regular updates from the contractor. If all the owners are fully prepared, the HOA re-roofing is going to be exceedingly smooth. Despite the fact that HOA groups are normally covered with all applicable insurances, it is exceedingly important for all the members to verify all the policies before giving the contractor access to their properties.


Bay Area Re-roofing

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