Residential Roofing Pros Discuss How Gutter Installation Improves First Impressions

Residential Roof Repair and Gutter Installations

Home buyers make quick and subconscious judgments of houses based on their exteriors. Prospective owners won’t view properties that appear aesthetically unappealing. Houses with sagging gutters or missing shingles will not get the viewing traffic you need to sell your home. Let residential roofing pros explain how up-to-par roofs and properly installed gutters improve your homes value, even beyond simple aesthetics.

What Buyers See
Missing or broken gutters can cause water damage to the foundation and walls of your home. Potential buyers worry that the problem they can see may indicate others they can’t. They also subconsciously assume that if the exterior is poorly maintained, the interior will be just as bad, if not worse.

Small Investment with Big Results
When you’re selling your home, you have little desire to spend money on changes you won’t be around to enjoy. However, making the right improvements can increase the home’s salability and help you get into your new home faster. Outdoor home improvements unsurprisingly have an 87% return on investment, according to independent reviews. In other words, the money you spend replacing your gutters will not be entirely “lost” and could help you fetch a better price for your home.

In Addition to the Gutters …
Damage to gutters and broken shingles often happen at the same time. Consider investing in a modest roof repair to spruce up the exterior look of the home without spending the time and cash to do a full roof replacement. This prophylaxis will reduce the likelihood that the buyer will complain about leaks, water damage or other structural or environmental problems after the fact, and your due diligence itself can be a selling point.

Get Started on a Residential Roofing or Guttering Replacement

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