Oakland Roofing Contractor Explains How Lifting That Which Provides You Shelter Can Be Tricky

Oakland Roofing Services Firm Raises The Roof

Homeowners seeking higher ceilings or additional living space may choose to raise the roof… literally. This is a big project, and you’ll need to hire an expert roofing contractor with specific experience with this process to create the great look and space you want.

Is Raising the Roof even an option?

Your roof will either be a stick or truss structure. A stick-framed roof is easier to expand with gables and dormers than truss roofs. Trussed roofs are needed for raising the ceiling height or adding a second floor since they retain their shape when lifted into the air by a crane. While you can add dormers to many homes, lifting a roof is a big project and too complicated for larger houses.

Dormer Options

This is the easiest and most basic option for adding space to an existing attic to create additional bedrooms, a home office, or another usable living area. One or more holes are cut into the roofing, and small rooms are basically built into those holes. Dormers can be gables, sheds, or doghouses. The shed style is the easiest to install, and it offers the most options in terms of size and length.

Adding a Second Floor

The existing roof is literally cut away from the house and lifted with a crane. New walls are built from the ground up to support the additional weight of the new top floor of the house. Once the new walls are built, the roof is lowered and attached to the new construction, and finishing work continues. Check your foundation to ensure it can handle the extra load.

Raising the Ceiling Height

This is similar to adding a second floor, but the new walls aren’t built as high. The roof comes off, new walls are built from the ground up to the desired height, and the roof is repositioned onto the walls.

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