Oakland Roofing Experts Explain Benefits of This Unique Design

Bay Area Roofing Contractor Describes Butterfly Roofing
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Butterfly roofs are gaining popularity among Bay Area homeowners for their sleek design and perfect match for our climate. Roofing contractors who understand this design are in high demand.  

What is a Butterfly Roof?

This design was popular for homes and small businesses in post-war America, and many examples can still be found across the country. The key feature involves two gables that slope inward to a central point in the home and look like the wings of a butterfly. In contrast, most traditional and modern roofs feature the roofline slanting away from the center of the building.

Benefits of a Butterfly Roof

Architecturally, butterfly roofs add a unique flair. However, practical considerations also encourage Bay Area residents to choose this style.

  • Rainfall Capture. The design directs rainwater runoff to a specific place on the roof, where it then flows off. The runoff can easily be captured for gardening and other purposes.
  • Aerodynamic Benefits. Butterfly roofs hold up well in strong winds (like we frequently experience here in the Bay Area), and they tend to withstand wind damage better than many other roof designs do. These roofs are less likely to require roofing services after a severe storm, for instance.
  • Organic Designs. The height of the outer walls allows architects to lengthen gallery windows, allowing more natural light into the home.

We Handle Roofing Installation and Other Roofing Service Needs

Ben’s Roofing understands the complexities of butterfly roof installation, and we can work with any architecture to create the look you want. We provide Oakland Bay Area roofing services for commercial, multi-dwelling, and single family residential projects. Contact us at (510) 690-8570 to learn more about butterfly roofs or for roofing replacement or repair needs.