Four Benefits of Installing Insulation

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Whether you need an Oakland roof repair contractor ASAP because of Bay Area storm damaged, or if a re-roof for your commercial building is overdue; or you want to find a residential roofing specialist to help you conserve money that you’ve lost due to heat leaching, you probably know that you need roofing insulation. But you might not be aware of the diverse benefits of installing insulation — for your pocketbook, for your building and for your peace of mind.

Here are 4:

1. Save money during winter AND during the summer.

Insulation acts as a buffer to prevent heat from doing what it naturally wants to do – flow from an area of high temperature to an area of low temperature. This means that, in the summer, the hot air outside will have a harder time heating up the cool or air-conditioned air inside. Conversely, in the winter, heated air inside your home will have a harder time escaping to the colder outside air. The result? You save on heating and cooling costs all year round.

2. Fireproof your home.

Sometimes, insulation can offer extra protection against fire. Be wary, though: the wrong type of insulation, installed inappropriately, can actually increase fire risks.

3. Cool your roof.

According to one survey, approximately 9 out of 10 roofs in America have dark colored shingles and surfaces. As you probably learned from elementary physics, dark colors tend to absorb heat more. So it should not surprise you to learn that some roofs can heat up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit or higher – hot enough to cook an egg and then some. These hot roofs can in turn, for obvious reasons, heat the homes beneath them. Insulation added appropriately can dampen this effect and keep roofs cooler to protect the home and the roofing materials.

4. It is easy to find the right materials for your property.

You can choose from a veritable buffet of insulation options, including wood fiber particle and filler, perlite mixed with concrete, composite sheet installation, sprayed polyurethane foam, and foam particle products such as polyisocyanurate.

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