Piping in Natural Light with Skylights and Solar Tubes Improves Businesses and Employee Productivity

Oakland Skylight Installation for Office Daylighting

Image via Velux® USA

Bringing more daylight into the office offers numerous tangible and intangible benefits. During your next big San Francisco commercial roofing project, open up and let the light shine in. Here’s why:

1. Mental health effects of daylight.

Research has shown that exposure to natural light through skylights and solar tube installation can improve a person’s disposition and stress levels. Maximizing your employees’ exposure to natural light in the office should boost morale and enhance productivity and make recruiting great people easier.

2. Physical effects of daylight in the office.

Studies also show that natural light in the office encourages more physical activity among employees, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality and increases sleep duration. Employees in offices with more natural light also enjoy a more vigorous metabolism, perhaps because the ambient sunlight helps regulate circadian rhythms better than artificial light.

3. Sustainability.

Being “green” gives you cache among workers, clients and society, especially here in the Bay Area. Adding skylights to your roof decreases the amount of electricity you’ll need for artificial lighting, thus reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills.

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