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San Francisco Commercial Roofing Contractor Talks Metal Roofing

Got a commercial roof, or thinking about a commercial re-roofing project? When investing in updates and upgrades, you can’t do much better than a metal roofing system. Work with San Francisco commercial roofing contractor to reap the rewards of metal roofing in the region.

Wondering why metal roofing makes the most sense? Consider the following about metal roofing and decide for yourself:

Long Life
Your metal roof can last as long as your building; the longevity of metal roofing is what attracts many businesses and commercial clients. While a metal roof may cost more initially, it will save money for your company over time.

Energy Efficient
Metal reflects the sun which helps to conserve energy, especially in the warmer months in the Bay Area. This will save money on utility costs, further making this a prudent investment that will only save you more and more down the road.

Fire Resistant
Metal roofs are fire resistant, particularly important in California. Your Bay Area roofing professionals can further explain the protection provided by metal roofing systems, including preventing storm and environmental damage.

Environmentally Friendly
Metal roofing can be 100% recycled if removed, so it is an eco-friendly choice for your company. In fact, most metal roofs are comprised of at least 25% recycled materials.

Light Weight
Metal roofing materials are much lighter than tile roofs, which means you won’t have the stress and strain of a heavy roof on your commercial structure. Metal roofing weighs around 50-150 pounds per square, which measures approximately 100 square feet in size.

Noise Insulation
Use insulation and plywood sheathing to cut down on noise of any kind from invading your property. This protects you from intrusive sounds, like traffic, from interfering with your business.

Make sure your metal roof is professionally installed to prevent any leaking that can occur around fasteners, which could compromise the integrity of your roof and damage your property.

Our Bay Area Roofing Contractors Are Here To Help

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