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You’ve implemented more ways than one to save on electricity, and you’re left wondering why bills are still soaring beyond budget. Many homeowners do not realize that their roof could be what’s causing the unnecessary energy expenditure.

Approximately 25% of heat lost during winter and heat gained during summer months pass through the house covering. The heat transfer, working to maintain the surrounding’s temperature levels, works up your home’s heating and cooling systems. Imagine the energy wasted to keep you comfortable, yet make you wince at the thought of unwanted bill surprises! The solution? Our San Francisco roofing company discusses three great ways to make your roof energy efficient.

Here are three ways to achieve energy efficient Bay Area roofing

Opt for Contemporary Materials

When it’s time to replace your roof, one of the most important considerations is energy efficiency. San Francisco roofing innovations have factored in maintenance and energy costs in the creation and installation of state-of-the-art materials. Metal panels are ideally put in place for exhibiting high energy efficiency and resistance to environmental elements like wind and rain. Metal roofs effectively reflect sunlight before it could heat up the house.

Apply Cool Roof Coating

Ripping up shingles and installing brand new roofing material wouldn’t be practical if your roof isn’t really in need of a replacement. Adding cool roof coating can turn your roof into an energy-efficient covering. The coating is a very thick paint comprised of reflective pigments designed to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing the heat, and may also protect from UV light damage. As its name suggests, your roof maintains a cooler, lower temperature and so does your home underneath. Once applied, the average standard roof temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit drops down to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add Insulation In The Attic

Energy efficiency can be significantly improved by simply adding attic insulation. Like roofs, insulation options arrive in many types, such as blown-in, spray or foam. Leave installation to the pros to ensure you gain utmost cooling and heating benefits and energy savings. Insulating your home offers protection throughout the seasons as it helps regulate temperature within your surroundings. Insulation keeps heat inside during cold winter days, while preventing cool air from escaping on hot summer days.

Bay Area roofing services from a Diamond Certified roofing company

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