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Many property owners put off most repair and maintenance issues around their homes and only handle them as they come up. They do so, thinking that they are saving on resources such as time and money. One of the most overlooked parts of any building is the roof. While property owners may be thinking that a warranty covers them in case of roof damages, warranties often have provisions that limit the manufacturer’s or retailer’s liability. One of these provisions is roof maintenance. Some of the long term effects regular roof maintenance are:

It extends its lifespan
The roof is a building’s largest investment. While the cost of roof replacement depends on the material and its slope, expect to pay between $6.50 and $20 per square foot for commercial roof replacement projects. Regular roof maintenance helps you avoid premature roof replacement and unplanned repairs. Your roofing contractor will give you insights that will extend its lifespan. These may include adding insulation and/or cover boards.

It improves your roof’s performance
Avoiding costly repairs is perhaps the main reason why you should stick to a rigid roof maintenance schedule. Property owners who neglect their roofs will not be aware of a roofing problem until it causes extensive damages. By investing in regular roof maintenance, your roofing contractor will spot and address roof issues before they escalate.

It enhances your home’s energy efficiency
Energy-efficient buildings have reduced heat gain when the weather is hot and minimal heat loss during the winter, which reduces the heating and cooling requirements and, therefore, reduced utility bills. Through your scheduled roof maintenance sessions, your contractor can advise you on such issues as reflective coatings and insulation materials that will result in higher energy efficiency. They will also recommend the most suitable green roof if you are replacing your Bay Area commercial roofing.

It keeps your roof’s warranty in effect.
Most roofing materials manufacturers and dealers require recurring repairs and maintenance. Neglecting to perform them could be perceived as neglect, thus voiding your roof’s warranty. Scheduling regular maintenance keeps your warranty in effect.

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