Can’t Get an Emergency Roofing Contractor Out Immediately to Repair a Roof Leak?

Bay Area Roof Repair Tips for Emergency Situations

Don’t panic, just quite yet. In the wake of an El Niño fueled storm battering your home or condo, you’ve discovered evidence of a leak. What’s worse, your roofing contractor can’t come for several days due to scheduling conflicts or continuing horrendous weather. What should you do? Before you get too bent out of shape worrying about mildew and mold spreading through the building and rendering it uninhabitable, take a deep breath. Be productive. Use the tips below to manage the problem until help arrives.

1. Look for a bulge in the ceiling.

If you find a bulge or dark spot in the ceiling near a suspected leak, you can assume that water is pooling on the other side. To relieve the pressure on your roof, use a screwdriver to puncture the ceiling near the bulge. Catch any dripping water with a bucket or other large container.

2. Repair damage.

Leaks often occur when inclement weather damages the roof. While you wait for help from a roof repair professional, use roofing tar or cement to cover any small areas with missing shingles. Roofing cement also works as a temporary fix on damaged flashing.

3. Use tarps.

If the damage is too extensive to repair with tar or cement, cover the area with thick plastic or tarps. Be sure to run the tarp over the peak of the roof to keep the water from seeping underneath it. Secure the tarp with nails, sandbags or bricks until your Bay Area roofing contractor arrives.

Bay Area Roofing Contractor Will Provide Repairs that You Can Count On

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