Residential Roofing Replacement: Choosing Your Roof

Bay Area Roofing Contractor's Residential Re-Roofing Job

Residential roofing design selection for your Bay Area home can make all the difference with respect to both aesthetics and functionality. Below are some factors to consider as you design your home’s roof.


When selecting a roofing style, choose a look that complements the design of your home and doesn’t appear to be out of place. A slate roof on a modern building, for instance, will clash and not only drag down your home’s value (for aesthetic reasons) but also possibly create maintenance challenges.

Slope and Strength of Framing

The necessary slope of your roof and the strength of your home’s framing may both impact your ideal type of roofing. For example, slate can be used only on steep roofs, while metal can be used on roofs with any slope. Likewise, while metal is lightweight, slate is heavy and will require a reinforced roofing structure. An experienced Bay Area Roofing Contractor can help you determine which specific roofing solutions are appropriate for your home.


Some types of roofing are more durable than others. For example, while wood shakes and asphalt have a (relatively) short lifespan, slate, clay and concrete can persist for more than 50 years without a major roof repair. The structure of your home, your local weather and your maintenance schedule can also impact the life of your roof.

Building Codes

Local building codes may restrict the type of materials you can use for residential roofing. Be sure to learn about these requirements before you make a choice.

Roofing Contractors Can Guide You And Expand On Roofing Types

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