Planning a Successful San Francisco Roofing Project

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You’re searching for a roofing contractor to manage a massive commercial project to satisfy Bay Area investors. Or maybe you need a residential roofing service to manage a leak or repair a structure after a flood or fire. The sheer number of options you have for roofing services is intimidating. How can you hire the most appropriate contractor?

Here are some good rules of thumb:

Ask the Right Questions

When you take bids, ask yourself:

  • Will the company warranty its work for 5 to 10 years?
  • Will the company submit the warranty in writing?
  • Will the warranty cover all work done by all workers?
  • Does the company have proper insurance, licensing and bonding? Whether you’re doing a residential or commercial project, you need proper protection, in case a worker gets hurt on your site; someone steals something from your home or from a neighbor; or an accident damages structures on the property.

Get an Excellent Contract

A roofing contractor might sound like an expert and thoroughly analyze your job. But you want to get all critical information written down in a contract. This information should include a detailed analysis of the cost; the start date of the work and expected completion date; a list of the materials that the company will use in the project (the more detailed the specs, the better); and the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It should include contingencies for a cancellation, detailed specs on work that the company will perform, and a guarantee that the contractor will abide by installation, warranty, and code prerequisites.

Look at Referrals

Customer testimonials can only tell you so much about a particular company. But if you find a plethora of excellent reviews, note that. Likewise, if many clients have complained, consider those complaints a red flag.

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