Deciding Whether to Install Gutter Guards on Residential or Commercial Roofing Gutters

Installing Gutter Guards at Residential Property

Gutter guards can improve the effectiveness of your gutters, reduce the likelihood of residential roofing leaks and water damage, and even increase your property value. Gutter guard options abound, and your choice will depend on factors like where you live and the constraints imposed by landscaping around your home or business.

Environmental Factors

Issues that may influence your choice of gutter guards include:

  • The amount and severity of rainfall you receive.
  • The number and type of trees in and near your residential or commercial roof.
  • The footage of your gutters.
  • Whether your home or commercial roofing has sustained water damage or roofing problems in the past. If so, why and what happened?

Gutter Guard Options

  • Reverse Curve Guards sit over the gutter and keep large items, such as leaves, from entering and causing clogs. Unfortunately, they may not be that effective in heavy rains which cause overspills.
  • Slit Cover Gutters use slots instead of curves to keep debris from entering the gutter. They also can face challenges in heavy rains.
  • Sponge Guards have foam inserts that fill the gutter. The sponge allows water to enter the gutter but keeps all debris out. Large debris can clog the system, and seeds can sprout in the foam.
  • Metal Screens are easy to install, but their small mesh size can trap pine straw and other small debris.
  • Micro Mesh Guards have frames with various sizes of filtering mesh. These are very effective, but they can be complicated to install, often requiring professional services.

Gutter guards are effective at keeping debris out of your gutters, but each system will require some level of annual or semi-annual maintenance to keep it functioning at its best.

Commercial Roofing and Gutter Repair Experts at Your Service

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