Improve Home Insulation and Energy Use with Efficient Residential and Commercial Roofing Choices

Energy Efficient Clay Tile Roofing on Bay Area Home

Heat and sunlight naturally flex and challenge the integrity of buildings. Even though the Bay Area offers a relatively mild climate, developers and owners must pay attention to the impact of heat flux and its implications for energy bills and maintenance. To that end, here are five efficient roofing choices that work well for both commercial and residential roofing.

Heat flux describes the rate of heat energy transfer through a given surface per unit of time. These 5 choices are among the best types of roofing system you can choose to reduce heat flux, which describes both the heat gain in the summer through your roofing system, as well as heat loss during the winter.

1. White Metal Roofing.

White metal roofing is affordable, and it reflects approximately 66 percent of the sun’s rays away from your roof – ideal for Oakland commercial roofing applications.

2. Clay or Terra Cotta Tiles.

Both clay and terra cotta roof tiles can withstand even the most intense weather, such as brisk winds and the dowsing rains of El Nino. They also reflect the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of heat that enters your home.

3. “Green” Roofing.

Green or “living” roofs cool the building naturally. They also protect base roofing materials and release oxygen into the air around the building. The weight of this type of roofing is a big limiting factor however, as most original installations will require substantial support to be installed to hold the weight of soil, plants, and water.

4. Solar Roofing.

Unlike other efficient roofing choices that reflect the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere, solar roofing captures this energy and stores it for use within the home. Solar roofing can be expensive, but may believe that it pays for itself over the life of the materials.

5. Overlays and Radiant Barriers.

Another way to reduce the heat entering your home or commercial building involves installing a radiant barrier or overlay. Either of these technologies will help to keep heat out of the building by reflecting it away from your roof.

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