Warning Signs of Bay Area Roofing Trouble


Image via Wikimedia Commons http://ow.ly/s6gyq

Homeowners take great measures to keep their homes safe and well maintained, and obtaining timely and high-quality roofing services remains one of the best ways to accomplish this objective.

Roofs provide homes with crucial shelter and protection from the elements. Therefore, homeowners should continually examine their roofs for signs of damage or wear and tear, including:

1. Damage to flashing. Regularly inspect the structures around valleys, eaves, skylights, wall details, and chimneys for dried, lifted, or separated caulking. Such aftereffects of contraction and expansion often lead to leaks and water damage.

2. Missing or broken shingles. When wind or debris tears away all or part of one or more shingles, roofs become vulnerable to leaks and further damage.

3. Debris on roof. Broken tree limbs or other items on a roof may seem harmless, but they may eventually become dislodged, damaging the home further or falling on unsuspecting individuals.

4. Roof punctures or penetrations. Regardless of the source, a hole in the roof represents an extremely urgent situation requiring immediate roofing repair to prevent continued damage.

5. Bare spots or missing granules. Granules on shingles protect them from aging and decaying, but exposure to heat, water, and other environmental elements wears them down.

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