Spring in is full bloom here in Oakland California, and our East Bay roofing team is busier than ever.

Why? Because spring time is Bay Area roofing season!

Oakland Roof MaintenanceAfter all the rough and tumble winter weather, East Bay homeowners are finally taking stock of the damage done (e.g. mildewed/worn-out shingles, shingles stripped of their grains, dirt and debris blown onto the roof, loosened flashing and fascia, etc.). And some are doing their best at temporary roof repairs.

However, with the East Bay school year almost over — and with everyone coming down with some version of “summer fever” — you might be tempted to put off roof rehabilitation, because you’ve got better things to do. After all, now that the worst of the winter (and early spring) weather is behind us, why bother with your Oakland roofing project?

This attitude may makes sense. But it can be dangerous too.

Roofing damage is not static. Damage roofing evolves, over time, based on weather conditions and other factors. If a large branch falls onto your roof, scrapes off shingles and punctures into the insulation — and you just let that branch “sit there” all summer — guess what can happen? Termites and other pests can take up residence in the roof. The degradation process can accelerate. A residential roofing repair job that’s cheap to fix can morph into a massive, expensive project come the fall.

By calling an East Bay roofing contractor now — as opposed to several months from now — you can save money and reduce your stress level over the long term. Oakland roofing office: (510) 690-8570

After all, “fixing up a roof” is not a project, necessarily. It’s more accurate to call it a “process,” since it’s an activity you engage in, season after season, as long as you own the property.

The team here at Ben’s Roofing can give you instructions on how to take care of your roof, given your home’s location (Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Etc), your roofing materials, the age of your house, and other variables. Connect with us for a free estimate. We can help you get on top (so to speak) of spring roof maintenance.