Pros and Cons of Clay Tiles for Bay Area Roofs

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Whether you’re researching a Bay Area roofing contractor to help your father-in-law improve one of his commercial buildings, or you’re looking for someone with the experience to handle an industrial or residential roofing project for your business property, you’ve probably heard some buzz about clay roof tiles. What are they? Why are they so popular? Are they right for your situation?

Clay is a very, very old material. Due to the incredibly fine nature of its grains, clay has special properties that make it conducive for certain types of building and storage applications. Clay happens to be excellent at insulating (they keep warm places warm) and excellent at reflecting heat (they keep cool places cool). Clay tiles are also fire proof, resistant to mold and water damage, and durable. They can last a very long time — witness the clay roofs and other structures built thousands of years ago which remain architecturally viable.

Clay tiles are not totally waterproof. If you live in a part of the Bay Area where you’re concerned about moisture hurting your roofing structure — places that get foggy and/or damp often — you may need to seal your roof deck to prevent water from seeping into cracks and causing mold or mildew damage.

The ability of clay to stop wind and bad weather depends on the slope of the roof (e.g. flat versus pitched), the type of tiles that you use, and the quality of installation and the craftsmanship of the people who install it. Clay, traditionally, has been a very heavy material; this has made it traditionally harder to install and more expensive. Heavy weights also stress structures more.

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