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One of the primary obstacles that a significant number of homeowners face when trying to replace their roof usually involves picking the right person to do the job. As a result, the following are 10 essential tips that you can use when looking for the best San Francisco roofing company:

10 Tips to Help you Find the Best Residential / Commercial Roofing Company in the Bay Area

  1. Start with local referrals

There is usually a lesser chance of being the victim of a scam or suffering potential roofing issues when you choose a Bay Area roofing contractor using local referrals from family, friends, and members of your community.

  1. Be on the lookout for manufacturer designations

Manufacturer designations usually serve as some sort of approval stamp since any roofing contractor using them must adhere to certain requirements for them to be factory-certified.

  1. Conduct a BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings check

Even though you may be in urgent need of residential roofing or commercial roofing services, particularly after a heavy storm, it is still very important that you look up your contractor on the BBB website to ensure they have an acceptable score.

  1. Secure a comprehensive warranty

It is important that your roofing contractor provides you with a warranty that not only include liability clauses for the manufacturer, but also covers contractor’s workmanship. This is the only way you will be able to hold them accountable for any mistakes made by them.

  1. Safety

Make sure that the Bay Area roofing contractor you hire has received efficient and adequate training in both workmanship qualifications and safety practices.

  1. Insurance and licensing

Any contractor working on your roof should have proper insurance and licensing documents that they can present to you. Without them, you could face a major problem if one of their employees gets injured on your property.

  1. Adhere to the rules by paying your deductible

Simply put, any roofing contractor who states or claims they can do a job without their insurance deductible being paid by the homeowner, would be committing insurance fraud that can land you in hot water.

  1. Deal with your own claim

In most states, any roofing contractor who says they can act on your behalf when negotiating an insurance claim would be breaking the law. Therefore, make sure you deal with your own claim.

  1. Do not succumb to pressure

To avoid hiring the wrong people to do a roofing job for you, make sure you keep away from any Bay Area roofing contractors who may pressure you to enter into an agreement that you have no clear or definite understanding of.

  1. Know what you want

Any roofing contractor who does not provide you with options when it comes to materials is probably not looking out for your best interests. Remember, you should have variety so that you can pick something that suits your taste.

Ben’s Roofing is a Diamond Certified and BBB Accredited Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Ben’s Roofing is a quality and reputable roofing specialist in the Bay Area that qualifies for all the criteria’s mentioned above. As a result, you can fully trust our San Francisco residential roofing company for all your roofing needs. For more information on our services or for a free quote, give us a call at 510-690-8570 or use our online contact form.