San Francisco Residential Roofing

Few homeowners spend much if any time contemplating roofing colors… until it’s time to start a residential roofing project. The truth is that the color of your roof shingles can dramatically affect your energy usage and even the market value of your house.

What to Consider from an Oakland Roofing Company

The lightness or darkness of your shingles has the potential to swing the temperature in your home by 10–15 degrees. You will notice the temperature difference even more in your attic space. Consequently, lighter roofs work better in warm climates, and darker roofs offer key benefits in colder areas. Look at the general coloring of the roofing in your area to get a better idea of what works best for your climate.

Your ideal roofing color can also depend on other design aspects of your home. Certain color and aesthetic elements naturally mesh better than others. You will likely be choosing from a variety of shades, including every color in the spectrum of black, gray, and brown. On cream or white houses, darker shingles are traditional. Brick homes are fairly flexible, aesthetically, in that many different shades can be “perfect” or at least good enough for your needs.

You may also need to secure the approval of a neighborhood association to avoid fines or having to redo your roofing. Look at neighboring houses if you need a better idea of what will and will not be suitable for the neighborhood, even if a housing association isn’t restricting your choices.

Choose the Best Bay Area Roofing Company for Assistance

Your roofing contractor can also be a great source for ideas about complementary colors and styles. Bring any questions you have to your initial consultation; call our team at (510) 690-8570 to get started addressing your roofing needs strategically and cost-effectively.