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Our San Francisco Roofing Contractor Works With HOAs

Do you live in a HOA? If so, it is typically required that you check in with the HOA, or Homeowners’ Association, board before having any work, repairs, or construction done to your home. When it comes to your home’s roof, time is usually of the essence; knowing when you need to wait for approval may help homeowners get the ball rolling on their home projects, roofing repairs, or HOA roof replacement, sooner. Here is what your HOA needs to check before approving your roofing project: 

The Contract  

If you are in need of HOA roof repair, you will likely need a copy of the terms and agreement reviewed by the HOA board prior to having the work started.  


The Materials  

The HOA is going to mandate that the materials used are comparable and aesthetically similar to what is used throughout the community. Check with your HOA board first to find out what materials fit within the guidelines. 


License and Insurance 

The HOA is going to want proof that the contractor you hire is licensed and insured. Without this, it is unlikely that the HOA board will approve the proposed work.  


The Timeline 

HOAs can be sticklers about timelines, too. They want reassurance that the project won’t be prolonged and last a long time, perhaps causing inconvenience or eyesore to the other residents.  


The Cost 

The HOA is going to want to know what the estimated cost will be for the roofing project, repair, or replacement. Depending on the HOA community that you live in, the HOA may be responsible for some of the associated costs.   


The Warranty  

Does the contractor offer a warranty for the work being completed? This is something else that your HOA may want to check before approving the roof project.  

HOA Roof Repair Tips From Pros

Talk to a San Francisco roofing contractor at Ben’s Roofing, a Bay Area roofing company. They can help provide what you need to present to the HOA to gain swift approval- if necessary- to get your project underway and finished, fast. Call or visit today