Whether you’re looking to add more personality to your kitchen or increase the value of your business’s building, you may want to discuss skylight options with an Oakland roofing contractor here at Ben’s Roofing. Here are 3 benefits of putting in skylights, ASAP.

Oakland roofing skylights1. Improve your home’s energy efficiency.

If you orient your skylights correctly — facing the southern skies — you can soak in heat from the sun during the winter months to warm your home and reduce heating costs. If your main concern is “keeping cool,” consider adding a skylight on your western-exposed roofs.

Opt for wood or fiber glass frames to boost energy efficiency.

2. Enjoy health benefits.

According to some experts, Americans are in the middle of a vitamin D deficiency epidemic. Even here in the sunny California, many people do not get enough exposure to natural sunlight, which can normalize vitamin D levels. You don’t need a traditional skylight to get the “Vitamin D” benefit, either. Put in a solar tube or light pipe to enjoy ambient natural sunlight… without having to worry about heat transfer or costly remodeling.

3. Add enduring value to your home or office.

Beautiful homes — bathed in lambent natural sunlight — are easier to sell and more valuable to buyers. When you invest in skylights, you invest in the future. You contribute, in a small but real way, to the betterment of the environment and of the planet. Plus, you set a good example for your kids and for the community.

Talk to the Bay Area residential and commercial roofing experts at Ben’s Roofing today to find out whether skylight installation is the right next move for you.

We can also help you troubleshoot existing skylights, repair leaks, deal with cracked or ill-fitting fixtures, etc. Email or call us now to set up a free estimate to solve your problems and make your home a brighter, “greener,” and happier place to live.