Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractors Prepare for Heavy Rain and Wind Damage this Winter

Bay Area Roofing Contractors Say Prepare for Heavy Winter Storms

Performing roofing projects in the winter is rarely anyone’s first choice. Unfortunately, if you don’t prepare your roof for this season properly, broken shingles, mold, and other structural damage may force you to make an expensive call to a residential roofing contractor before spring hits. Here are tips to avoid winter damage and keep your roof in the best possible shape.

Unclog your gutters.

Clogged gutters can force water to back up and become stagnant. This backed up water can also freeze when the weather turns colder; it can harbor mold and algae; and it may damage your gutters or the roof itself.

Clear the roof of debris.

Any qualified roofing contractor will tell you that debris on your roof can be problematic. When branches or leaves fall on roofs, they trap water and decay. When this water freezes or pools, it will in turn damage your roof, in much the same way pooled gutter water damages gutters.

Check for damage.

Before winter arrives, inspect your roof, gutters and walls for problems. If you find any issues – discolored spots, missing shingles, obvious clogs, etc – repair them before the weather starts getting colder and nastier.

Call a professional.

If you aren’t sure whether your roof is ready for winter, or if you need help fixing a known problem, contact a commercial roofing company for an inspection or repair.

Commercial Re-Roofing to Residential Roof Repair, Ben’s Roofing is the Best Choice in the Bay Area

The Ben’s Roofing team can conduct critical maintenance and repair work before El Nino fueled rains and wind and other strong weather events hit. Click here to request a free estimate or call us at (510) 690-8570 to discuss plans for how to proceed to ensure your roofing system will be safe and reliable through the season.