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Why More Offices Are Opting for Commercial Skylight Installation

A skylight window also called a roofing window is a non-operable window that is fixed on the top of buildings and uses a hinged sash that is attached to and supported by the frame. Velux skylights are highly recommended for commercial buildings because of the beautiful finishing and elegance it adds to space. Skylights are very popular with Bay Area offices and are very suitable for overhead spaces to ensure natural light penetrates.

Our Bay Area roofing contractors discuss some of the reasons why skylights would work best for your commercial building:

1. Skylights reduce energy consumption.

Velux skylight installation replaces the artificial lighting with natural sunshine. This can tremendously cut down on your company’s electricity costs. This is one way that skylights can prove to be cost-efficient in the long run.

2. Skylights contribute to improved productivity.

Research reveals that natural light has a positive effect on the brain by increasing alertness hence enables a person to perform their tasks with efficiency. The use of skylights, therefore, enables your company staff to stay alert and perform their duties efficiently because of the natural lighting. Consequently, this enhances the overall performance of employees and overall productivity.

3. Natural lighting leads to improved health.

Skylights allow natural light to penetrate your office spaces and is said to also relieve stress due to the reduced levels of the cortisol hormone in the body. Cortisol hormone is known to cause premature aging, fatigue, weak muscles and one may also experience emotional turmoil. Bay Area commercial roofing that is fitted with Velux skylights can enable your staff to appreciate natural lighting hence this can lead to improved health.

4. Skylights add aesthetic value to your commercial building.

The use of skylights greatly adds to the aesthetic value of your roofing in your commercial building. Skylights help to add beauty and elegance with all their natural light, which is certainly more appealing to customers and employees visiting your office.

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All in all, the use and installation of skylights is highly recommended for roofing systems in the Bay Area. Your staff will feel more productive and healthier, and energy costs will drop, leading to a win-win situation for everyone. If your building’s roof is badly damaged and ready for commercial re-roofing, this is a great time to consider adding skylights to your office building’s roof. To learn more about reaping the benefits of skylights in commercial buildings, contact us online or by phone at (510) 690-8570.