Oakland roofing contractor performing roof inspection

Is your roof showing signs of neglect? Homeowners are advised to contact a roofing professional at the earliest sign of deterioration in order to avoid a costly repair or damage to your property. Ideally, your roof should be examined at least once a year but other situations may also necessitate an inspection; such as when you’re in the process of selling your home.

Buyers may insist on conducting their own residential roofing inspection before proceeding with the purchase. If you don’t have any experience with roofing inspections, here’s what you can expect from Ben’s Roofing:

Oakland Roofing Contractor on Roof Inspection Services

Interior Roofing Inspection

The inspection may begin inside the house as the roofing expert maneuvers his way through your attic to check for the most common signs of aging and leaking. Most homes have insulation to prevent heat loss through the roof – and if your roof does not have any additional insulation then the roofing expert may recommend installing one.

Mold and moisture are also common elements in roofing structures, and the roofing inspector will be on the lookout for any damage caused by both. Any openings in the roof will be evidenced by streaks of light coming into the attic from the outside.

Exterior Roofing Inspection

Having inspected the inside, the roofing expert will then proceed to climb onto the roof for a closer look at the exterior (this should only be done by a professional to avoid injury). Damaged and missing shingles will be noted down in the report, as will any signs of leakage or damage. The inspector will also assess your roof’s flushing and examine the condition of your chimney if you have one. If the flushing is damaged the inspector will note down rusted or cracked caulk.

Repair Estimate

Once the inspection is completed, our technician will prepare an estimate based on the extent of the damage and the cost of repair. A detailed estimate is then drawn up by our San Francisco roofing experts and presented to you with advice and recommendation for any necessary repairs.

In the case of a real estate deal, the roofing inspector will present different documentation after the inspection. Both buyer and seller will receive a copy of the inspection report indicating each damaged item and how much it will cost to perform the repairs.

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Your roof keeps your family safely tucked inside and it protects your property from the elements, which can cause significant damage to your interior. Failure to secure your roof certainly means there’s potential for damage, or in the worst case, injury to your family. Contact a Bay Area roofing contractor for a comprehensive assessment of your roof, and advice on maintenance and repair. Give us a call at (510) 690-8570 or send us a message online for further assistance.