Oakland Roofing Contractor’s Recommendations

Metal roofing Bay AreaWhether you’re searching for a roofing contractor to repair an industrial facility or looking for commercial roofing help with spot repair, you may not be familiar with the concept of energy efficient roofing. Here’s the basic idea: by engineering a roofing structure to keep unwanted heat out during the summer and unwanted cold out during the winter, you can save substantially on heating and energy costs.

So what technologies and processes make a roof “efficient”?

  • Some roofs use reflective surfaces, such as white TPO and PVC coatings. These special surfaces reflect radiation from the sun, so that it penetrates inefficiently into the home. Some radiation inevitably will get inside but not enough to make it uncomfortable.
  • Special energy efficiency shingles, such as GAF’s Cool Series shingles, contain granules that are engineered and treated to reflect heat instead of to absorb it. At Ben’s Roofing, we love GAF products because they’re durable, and the chemicals used to doctor the granules tend to last a long time. This translates into longer utility and more energy savings for consumers.
  • Another way to combat heat is to use specially treated metal products to reflect the sun’s rays. You might think that metal would heat up in the sun (and thus heat the space beneath it), but roofing products made by Duro-Last and Firestone, actually reflect away excess heat and light very efficiently. The metal itself gets very hot, but that heat does not transmit into the home.

Green Roofing Options in the San Francisco Bay Area

At Ben’s Roofing, we use top tier products to create energy efficient residential roofing solutions, including single ply PVC, TPO, and KE roof systems, asphalt applied and torch applied residential roof systems and architectural sheet metal roofing systems. Please call our team today for more information about your needs: 510-690-8570.