Oakland skylight installation

Bay Area Roofing Contractors Discuss 6 Benefits of Skylight Installation

Reduced Power Consumption

Skylights are an excellent natural source of light and a viable alternative to electric energy for homes and the workplace. By using sunlight to supplement your existing lighting, you can cut down on energy use and utility bills – which will go a long way towards minimizing the demand for power and promoting environmentally-friendly sources of energy. As a homeowner you will benefit from hiring a Oakland roofing contractor to install skylight roofing in your house.

Enhanced Lighting

Nothing compares to the quality of natural light and daylights are one of the most efficient ways to enhance light in any space. By the age of sixty, most people need two times more light indoors, and daylights allow you to improve natural light in your house by reducing glare and transforming your living space into a bright, lively place.

It’s Cost Effective

By using skylights, you will reduce your dependence on electric power, which in turn reduces power bills. In addition, you may qualify for tax deductions simply by incorporating alternative sources of energy and equipping your house to be eco-friendly. Bay Area skylight installation is now more popular than ever and a lot of buildings have sun tunnels to improve the amount of sunlight coming in. Consider installing a ventilating skylight to improve air conditions indoors especially during the warmer seasons.


Electric-powered skylights can be opened to draw fresh air into your house and provides a healthy and more comfortable living environment for your family. This works through a form of passive air conditioning process, whereby warm air comes in through the ventilating space to create balance and improve air quality.

More Privacy

By hiring a San Francisco roofing company and installing skylights rather than larger windows, you’ll have more privacy from the outside, which is especially helpful in bathrooms and bedrooms. The light comes from above, which creates better lighting and living conditions.

Quality Lighting

When compared to incandescent bulbs which give off a yellow glow, skylights provide better lighting. A simple sun tunnel skylight provides bright, healthy sunlight into your room because of its highly reflective property. You can minimize your energy use with tubular skylights in your house instead of the usual power-saving light bulbs which often fail to provide enough light.


Remember, solar energy reduces our reliance on electric power and minimizes toxic emissions produced through conventional energy production. By adopting alternative lighting sources, you will promote the use of solar energy in your area.

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