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San Francisco Roofing Experts Discuss Flat Roofing Maintenance

All roofing types need periodic inspections and upkeep to ensure they remain functional. However, flat roofs have unique maintenance needs compared to pitched roofs due to their angle of inclination. You will incur some costs while maintaining your flat roof, but this saves you money in the end as your roof will last longer. Also, potential roof issues are identified and fixed before they become costly repairs.

Top six tips for flat roof maintenance include:

1. Have it inspected regularly

Every few months, you will need to inspect your roof to ensure that everything is intact. Fortunately, flat roofs are quite easy to walk on. Look out for blisters, loose seams, rust, cracks, and water pooling. Should you notice any of these, engage a professional San Francisco roofing company. Consider having your roof inspected by a professional at least twice a year.

2. Ensure it’s free of debris

Compared to pitched roofs, flat roofs collect more leaves, twigs, and debris. Debris accumulation leads to moisture retention, which not only compromises your roof’s integrity but also leads to algae and mold growth.

3. Trim back surrounding trees

Trimming back overhanging tree branches is a critical part of flat roof maintenance. This minimizes the number of times you have to remove debris build-up on your roof. You might want to involve a professional if there’s a risk of a tree branch falling on your roof while trimming.

4. Check its drainage

Flat roofs are more susceptible to collecting water. Pooling water is a sign of poor drainage. Spots with pooling water may need some leveling so that the water flows to the drainage system. In that case, ask a professional Bay Area roofing contractor to check your drainage system and ensure it’s not clogged.

5. Look out for undue stress

Flat roofs are susceptible to undue pressure or stress from too much weight. This may be caused by extremely heavy equipment, ice, and snow. This could cause the roof to collapse, causing extensive property damage. To be safe, ensure you have documentation from your roofing contractor on how much weight your flat roof can manage.

6. Fix leaks promptly

Just like other roofs, flat roofs are predisposed to leakages. If you notice a leak, call a roofing contractor to assess the situation and carry out the necessary repairs.

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