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Roofing tips from Our Professional Bay Area Roofing Contractors

Winter leaves and the cold breeze are great reminders to do roof maintenance and perform a gutter repair when necessary. Your roof deserves extra attention before it gets all wet outside and the rain seeps into your home. Here are 5 tips to keep your property gutters intact during the rainy days.

1. Regular Gutter Cleaning.
Regardless of what San Francisco roofing material or gutter system your home was built with, cleaning should be done at least twice a year. Give it a thorough clean in Spring to clear your gutter from acorns and seeds, and again in fall to clear up the leaves.

2. Your Safety Is A Priority.
Homeowners who attempt to climb ladders several feet from the ground can end up in unwanted accidents. Wear thick gloves and protective eyewear for your own safety, and use a sturdy, standalone ladder for more stability.

3. Clear Away Accumulated Debris.
Gutter installation from an experienced Oakland roofing contractor, with or without leafguards requires the most basic gutter care. Remove leaves, sticks, and all sorts of build-up using a garden trowel or by hand, with gloves worn, of course. Loose debris on the roof is also a fire hazard, on top of accelerating wear, creating blockages, and causing water to back up under the shingles.

4. Check For Leaks, And Get Them Fixed.
After removing all visible debris, use a garden hose to flush residues off the gutter and downspout while checking for leaks. A small gutter leak or clog can quickly escalate to serious property damage requiring costly repairs. So if you do discover a leak, seal it off with silicone or patch kit.

5. Hire A Bay Area Roofing Contractor.
Roof assessments, especially on high and sloped roofing styles, can be very dangerous to maintain. Consider calling a specialty gutter and roofing company to avoid injury and save yourself valuable time.

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