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Bay Area Roofing Contractor Explains What To Do This Spring

Springtime is near. If there’s one thing no one looks forward to, it would be a damaged roof! Regardless of material and gutter type, roofs can be impacted by winter elements. A bit of attention goes a long way in ensuring your Bay Area roofing is prepared for the new season.

1. Remove Objects That Have Accumulated in the Roof and Gutters

Always wear protective eyewear and thick gloves when clearing your roof for your own safety. Remove leaves, pine-needles, sticks, small branches and plant matter. These are the common items that accelerate wear of roofs, create blockages, and cause water to seep into properties.

2. Assess For Roof Damage

You can safely inspect your roof from ground level by using binoculars. Check for any missing or damaged tiles or shingles that seem smooth. Buckling shingles, as well as torn or missing flashing, can quickly lead to leaks. Spot the ventilation stacks, which are designed to help the top part of your house breathe and shed moisture, and check for possible damages. See if weatherstrips or caulking material on your roof have worn out.

3. Check For Attic Holes

Spot holes from inside your attic or crawlspace. Remember that water flows downhill, so check for leaks somewhere along the roof’s peak. Leaks are often noticeable with dripping water, damp areas or patches of standing water. Get rid of patches of mold that may have formed from the excessive buildup of moisture. Do your inspection when the sun is up, for daylight beams will make any hole in the roof prominent.

4. Be Quick To Do Repairs

The sooner roof issues are addressed, the safer and more prepared your home will be during Spring showers. Replace the missing tiles, buckling shingles, and damaged flashing you discovered. Plug the attic holes before it causes greater damage. Rotten or loose caulking must be replaced to inhibit moisture from creeping underneath roofing materials and into your property. A Bay Area gutter repair may be needed to secure downspouts and gutters in place.

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Preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars and headaches. It does come with risks, however, such as climbing up a ladder or attempting to remove large branches. The job is best left in the hands of a professional San Francisco roofing company. You can count on Ben’s Roofing to keep your roof in top condition, safely perform necessary repairs, and extend the life of your valuable investment. Visit our website today for more information!