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Major roof damage comes as a result of constant neglect by homeowners or instances of extreme weather and other natural phenomenon. It takes some time before gaping holes form on the roof, or other essential roofing material to get damaged by moisture. In some cases, homeowners engage in projects that damage the roof and cause leaks and a buildup of debris. Our San Francisco roofing company discusses 4 things that you should never do to your roof if you’d like to maintain a strong, functional and reliable roofing structure.

An Oakland Roofing Contractor Shares The 4 Things To Never Do To Your Roof

1. Don’t let mold and mildew grow on your roof

Wet seasons tend to bring about a rampant spread of mold and mildew, and sometimes homeowners underestimate the dangers posed by these microorganisms. Aside from being completely unsightly, mold and algae can in fact compromise the integrity of your roof and cause extensive damage. To prevent discoloration and damage to your roof, hire a Bay Area residential roofing expert to clean and remove all traces of fungi and other microbes and to offer solutions on proper maintenance.

2. Don’t pressure-clean your roof

While it’s a good idea to rid your roof of dirt and debris, the problem with this method of cleaning is that homeowners tend to overuse chemicals that cause premature ageing. Highly-pressurized water can do more harm than good to your roof particularly when the person using it has no experience in roof maintenance. To learn more about how to clean your roof, contact Ben’s Roofing for maintenance tips.

3. Don’t patch any leaks

Roofing experts are well-equipped to handle cases of leaks because they conduct a thorough inspection to determine the causes of the leaks before patching them up. Keep in mind that the appearance of one leak probably means that other areas of the roof are susceptible to damage and leaks. By climbing on the roof, you risk causing severe damage to an already weak and compromised roofing structure – something that can lead to accidents and injury. A more appropriate measure is to call a Bay Area residential roofing expert so they can investigate the cause of the leaks.

4. Never walk on your roof – for any reason

Aside from the risk of falling, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Each time you step on asphalt shingles, you risk dislodging them and causing leaks. If circumstances arise that necessitate walking on your roof, refer to professionals such as Oakland roofing contractors and ask for tips on removing debris and the recommended shoes for traction. You can avoid causing damage and improve your own safety by conducting a little research.

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