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Bay Area Residential Roofing Tips For The Winter

The winter in the Bay Area can be an extremely rainy time. All of that rain and accumulated moisture can wreak havoc on a roof that is left alone and not properly maintained through all of the seasons. Here are 3 great tips to prevent roof leaks during the winter months to ensure that your house stays warm and dry like it should.

Check in and around roofing accessories

One of the most common sources of a leak and subsequent need for roofing repair is from roofing accessories such as vents, chimneys, and skylights. These penetrations that come out of your roof can easily sustain cracks and other damages. Vent pipes can be destroyed from large debris or from insects or pests that have made a home around them. If damage occurs, leaks will certainly happen until everything is properly resealed. The best course of action is to use a ladder to carefully inspect around accessories for any cracks or broken areas. If small cracks are seen but no leaking is present yet, you may try to seal the cracks with paint and caulking. If large cracks and damage are observed along with leaking, it is best to immediately seek the help of a roofing professional.

Inspect high water areas

Certain parts of the roof, such as the drip edge and the gutters are designed to keep water from settling and causing mold or leaks. Sometimes, however, these components are not installed properly and actually cause water to leak through your roof. The main reason for this occurrence is improper installation. If a residential roofing company does not use a high quality caulking or enough of a good caulking the drip edge will not be secure enough and may sustain cracking. Gutters can also become cracked due to poor installation as well as from damage by pests and debris. Check these areas regularly and take appropriate action if damage is noticed. If leaking occurs, call a professional to help you fix the problem instead of taking a chance and attempting to repair the damage on your own.

Looking for a Reliable San Francisco Roofing Company?

Your home’s attic is one of the most common trouble areas for mold and decay. It is an area of low ventilation that can easily lead to rot and mold if any amount of moisture is let in. Most often moisture in the attic comes from bad ventilation systems or plumbing issues. Any drips or spills from these can lead to decay, which can further lead to water soaking through the attic into your main ceilings. Don’t neglect to check your attic for leaks in the winter months, or save yourself the time and worry and call a Bay Area roofing contractor to inspect your house for you. Contact the team at Ben’s Roofing today by calling (510) 690-8570 or fill out our online contact form here.