Commercial Roof Repairs in Winter

Avoid Commercial Roof Repairs in the Winter

Is your commercial roof prepared for winter weather? Taking care of your roof is something that requires year-round attention if you want to prevent Commercial Roof Repairs. Taking care of a roof adds about ten years to its life, according to industry experts. Talk to an Oakland roofing contractor to schedule roof maintenance and an inspection. Here are five ways to get your roof ready for what winter brings:

Do Some Digging
Dig up whatever information you can about your current commercial roof- how old is it? Do you know if it has been inspected recently? These insights can help determine whether repairs or San Francisco commercial re-roofing is most pragmatic. Find out what you can and share it with your roofing contractor.

Inspect the Roof
A roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor is the next step. This can reveal what condition the roof is in currently, as well as identify signs of possible pending problems. San Francisco industrial re-roofing contractors will bring expertise in spotting issues that could exacerbate without prompt attention.

Don’t Postpone Repairs
When problems and repairs have been pinpointed by the roofing contractor during an inspection, it is important to follow up promptly. Failure to fix and repair problems with the roof could result in issues that could compromise the integrity of your entire structure, building, or business.

Clear the Debris
For the contractor to perform an inspection, the roof and gutter troughs will need to be cleared of debris, leaves, and dirt. You may need to enlist someone to help with this prior to the inspection appointment- but talk to your specific contractor to find out more when scheduling services and inspections.

Keep a Watchful Eye
Keep an eye out near and around the roof to pinpoint any potential issues. For instance, watch overhanging tree limbs, accumulated foliage, or overfilled gutter troughs to prevent them from causing damage to your roof and property. If you notice any possible culprits, it could be time to schedule a roof cleaning.

The Best San Francisco Commercial Re-roofing

Prompt maintenance is key to extending the life of a commercial roof. Make an appointment for a roof inspection with Ben’s Roofing, a Bay Area roofing company right away.