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Experienced San Francisco Contractors for Commercial Roofing

Do you own or manage a commercial property? What do you do when you need roof maintenance? Facility managers should be aware of a few items when it comes to Bay Area commercial roofing repair or replacement. There are some things to know about commercial roof repair as well as best practices for hiring a San Francisco roofing contractor. Here is what you need to know about commercial roof repair:

Confirm the Estimate is Accurate

Be wary of vague estimates that do not account for unforeseen circumstances. Also, you may need to make the request for a very accurate and specific roofing estimate with details pertaining to the types of repairs being initiated. This estimate should include the cost of materials, labor, any subcontractor fees, and a time frame. Be cautious of using cost and bids to dictate who you hire; sometimes the cheapest labor is not the best deal overall.

Be Realistic Regarding Scheduling

Know that conflicts with scheduling can impact your overall costs – particularly if it is an emergency. Some contractors will increase charges to hasten your project along, so make sure that the scheduling is realistic and outlined somewhere in writing.

Assess the Contractor’s Communication

Many of the issues encountered with a contractor is a result of poor communication, or a lack of communication altogether. Make sure to be open and receptive to communications with your contractor and do not be afraid to reach out to them for clarification. It really helps all involved to get estimates, time-frames, and other pertinent information in writing, so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. Some of these areas include:

  • Specific roof problem and diagnosis
  • Details pertaining to delivering and storing building materials
  • Height, pitch, and type of roof
  • Kind of roofing materials being used
  • Specific repairs to be made
  • Daily work schedule
  • Contact information for roofing contractor or site supervisor

When engaging with the contractor, make sure that you consider and address issues and elements that could be overlooked during initial meetings and estimates.

What About a Warranty?

Do you have a warranty on your current roof? Find the documentation- it couldn’t hurt! In fact, perhaps roof repairs or a replacement will be covered, in full or in part. A reliable and professional roofing contractor will ask you if you have a warranty during the initial estimate and meeting- this makes a significant impact on who will bear the costs of the project.

Know that when it comes to a commercial roof warranty, you may be at the mercy of the technician that the manufacturer or warranty designate for the job. You may have less input and scheduling flexibility without a warranty, when you are paying out of pocket for roofing repairs.

Oakland Roofing Contractors are Here to Help

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