Professional vs. DIY Roof Repair

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Perhaps you’re a landlord trying to repair roof damage caused by a winter storm; or maybe you’re a Bay Area homeowner frustrated by damaged insulation, and you’re tempted to embark on a Do It Yourself (DIY) roofing project. Before you grab your gloves, your ladder, your buckets, and your tools, pause to consider following arguments.

1. Odds are, you lack the needed experience and safety training.

Roofing is full of surprising hazards. Obviously, you risk falling off the roof and hurting yourself. But you could also expose yourself (or your family members or tenants) to toxic chemicals and tars. If you do a bad job, you could compromise aspects of the structure, which could lead to cave-ins or a partial collapse of the building months or even years later.

2. There is a value to your time.

Roofing is hard work. It takes a lot of energy, discipline, and time to do this work correctly. If you do the work yourself, you will be investing time that you could otherwise spend doing work that you might be better qualified to do. Why not put in a few extra hours in the office or sign a business or real estate deal? Then use the proceeds to fund the roofing services. Don’t equate “DIY” with “free labor.” Your time is worth something.

3. Costs can add up.

Do you know where to get the ideal supplies for your particular job? Can you get the supplies at a discount? Do you have the tools you need to do the job properly? Or do you need to invest in equipment? Finally, consider the counterfactuals: what if the job doesn’t go as planned? What if the repair job is not up to par? Leaks, water damage, and structural problems can be incredibly expensive to fix. You could also devalue your property, making it harder to sell. Finally, doing a bad job could put you at risk of legal trouble, if you fail to comply with environmental regulations, building code regulations, CA laws, and so forth.

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