oakland commercial roofing with roof hatches

What are roof hatches and why do I need them?

Roof hatches are horizontal doors used for covering roof openings and providing roof access via ladders, interior ship stairs or service stairs. In most cases, the type and size of a structure will determine how occupants gain access to the roof. For instance, a manufacturing plant with a relatively high ceiling will need a ladder for one to access the roof, while a school or office building will have a conventional set of stairs or ship stairs leading up to the roof.

Uses of roof hatches

Personnel and Equipment Access

Establishing whether or not a hatch will simply be used to provide access to the roof, or whether or not it will serve as an entry point for large pieces of equipment can help you to determine the size of the hatch required. For instance, if its main purpose is solely for personnel access, then a small, single cover hatch coupled with a fixed ladder, service or ship stair will do the trick. Also, the relativity and reasons individuals will need to access the roof area can play a major role in determining the hatch size to be used. For instance, a large hatch together with a service or ship stair will allow workers to carry large tools or parts onto the roof whenever it is needed.

New Installation or Retrofit

A significant portion of roof hatches are designed in a way that they can be installed on a new roof, while others can be used to replace damaged or old hatches. In most cases, a low-profile replacement hatch can be quite ideal for retrofit applications. This is because they can cap over an already existing curb, thereby eliminating the need to replace your roofing materials.

After the old hatch cover is removed, the new and low-curb profile hatch will be mounted on the existing curb. Bay Area roofing contractors will also tell you that a full apron and flanged design can make for a watertight installation.

Why you should install roof hatches for your commercial building

A reputable Oakland roofing contractor will tell you that roof hatches are ideal for providing secure and easy access to and from the rooftop of a commercial building. These products will also allow your service staff to gain access to the roof for maintenance purposes. Also, they will help to facilitate the removal or installation of large pieces of equipment into or out of your premises.

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