How to Choose a Residential or Commercial Roofing Contractor

Oakland roofing contractorChoosing the right roofing contractor means looking for honesty, dedication, and safety. Given the huge number of prospective firms and providers in the Bay Area, how can you develop a short list, vet people, and keep the project on scope, on time, and on budget?

Here are 4 tried and tested strategies:

  1. Ask to see completed examples of the prospective contractor’s work. Commercial roofing repair can be an exacting business. When industrial roofing repair is done poorly, it can expose deliverables to environmental degradation and even put warehouse workers and loaders in physical danger.
  2. Check references. Most developers and homeowners know that they should check references, but many fail to do this critical due diligence. Excellence leaves clues, as does incompetence. Just like a business executive should never hire a new employee without first looking at the candidate’s employment history, so should you never contract with a company without first examining that company’s customer service history. If you come across examples of unsatisfied past customers, find out how the contractor handled those complaints.
  3. Get clear about the parameters that would define a successful project. How much money can you afford to spend? How much do you want to spend? What’s most important to you: time, money, quality of labor, etc? The more clearly you understand what might violate your personal or business standards, the easier it will be to hire.
  4. Trust your gut… as well as your rational decision-making. Do you get a “good vibe” when talking with the contractor or not? Often, our intuitions can pick up on subtle clues about other people that our conscious minds fail to identify.

Select The Best Bay Area Roofing Contractor

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