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Bay Area Roofing Contractors Discuss Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are some of the most functional windows you can install. You can use them to reinvent your master bathroom without compromising on privacy, light up a dark corridor, or boost your living room’s natural lighting.

Like any other home remodeling project, it helps if you learn more about them in advance. A reputable Bay Area skylight installation expert will explain the types of skylights, size, and the roof’s orientation and how each affects the outcome.

Why consider adding skylights to your space?

If you are considering a commercial or residential roof repair project, some of the reasons why you should consider adding skylights include:

  • It boosts your living space’s natural lighting – adding skylights is an effective way of adding to your home’s natural light without demolishing walls to add windows. Adding natural light to your space not only makes it look brighter but also makes it appear cleaner and larger. The sunnier and brighter disposition has been proven to have mood-boosting benefits.
  • It improves your home’s energy-efficiency – while skylights do not eliminate the need to have artificial lighting, installing them could significantly minimize your utility bills by channeling sunlight into interior spaces later into the evening. However, you will need to check that they have an ENERGY STAR label indicating their insulating strength. You can also install battery-operated skylights that rise to let out warm air, thus reducing your HVAC cooling costs.
  • It improves your home’s curb appeal and increases its value – installing skylights is an effective way to improve your home’s resale value. They also add interesting architectural features that appeal to potential home buyers. Any real estate agent will tell you that a brighter and cleaner house will sell faster compared to one that looks dark and cluttered.  

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If you are considering installing a skylight or two, keep in mind that this is not a DIY project. Skylights are prone to leaking due to poor installation or sealing. Ben’s Roofing is a leading Bay Area roof repair and Oakland skylight installation expert. Contact us at +1 510 690 8570 or through our website here to get an estimate of your residential or commercial roof repair and skylight installation project