Safely and Thoroughly Checking Your San Francisco Roofing

Oakland Roofing

After the recent Napa County earthquake, many residents in San Francisco and Oakland are concerned about how past or future tremors could affect the stability of their roofs. Now is the perfect opportunity to examine the roof of your home or business to assess its current condition and ability to stand up against the elements.

When examining your residential or commercial roofing for signs of damage after an earthquake, it’s important to remain safe. When you examine each component of the roof for damage, you’ll understand the extent to which you need emergency roof repair.

Keep several considerations in mind during a roof inspection:

  • Aftershocks. Avoid climbing up to the roof for a few days after an earthquake, as this is the period during which aftershocks are strongest and most common.
  • Chimney. Carefully examine the chimney for missing or cracked bricks, cracks in mortar joints, hairline cracks, and other damage. Any of these should be repaired before using the chimney again, as they could lead to fires or poisonous smoke.
  • Shingles. Broken, missing, or otherwise damaged shingles allow water to enter your home, potentially causing significant damage.
  • Roof openings. If a large gap or hole has appeared in your roof, cover it with a tarp until a roofing expert arrives to perform repairs.

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