“Cool Roof” Modified Asphalt for Commercial Roofs

Whether you’re searching for a roofing contractor to do spot repairs on condominiums you own in the heart of San Francisco; or you’re looking for assistance with a large industrial roofing project that you fear may go over budget and beyond scope, let’s talk quickly about the “plusses” of cool roof SBS-modified asphalt.

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SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) compounds have been shown to improve the waterproofing capacity of asphalt, particularly under traditional pressures, temperatures and humidity conditions. Un-SBS-modified asphalt can crack and break down, leading to roof leaks, which in turn can lead to structural damage, creating hassles for building owners and facility managers (e.g. tenant complaints, code violations, costly emergency repairs, etc.).

So what does SBS rubber do? Why do so many roofers sing its praises?

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SBS rubber has enhanced flexibility and a kind of a chemical “memory” that allows the asphalt to flex and flow. This increases its resistance to fatigue and allows it to function better in low temperature environments. It also reduces odor that emanates from industrial projects — an important benefit, if you’re working in a commercial zone or near residences.

In some places, where you can’t use hot asphalt — such as medical centers and schools — SBS modified asphalt makes projects much easier/lower cost. Also, local maintenance staff can apply the 2-3 ply systems — in other words, you don’t need an official authorized roofing contractor to do the work, but it is recommended. Flashing can also deal with movement better. Research shows that SBS modified asphalt can perform well, even after 10 million cycles of fatigue testing.

Our team provides Title 24 “cool roof” compliant systems achieving LEED points like:

  • MR Credit 5.1 – Regional Materials;
  • MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content;
  • SS Credit 7.2 – Heat Island Effects

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