Bay Area Commercial Roof Repair

If you need help with commercial roofing in the East Bay, odds are (unfortunately) that you have already let things get way too out of hand.

Even though you may be a sophisticated landlord, developer or property owner, the nuances of commercial roofing maintenance, and troubleshooting are counterintuitive. Each property has its own “tricks” and complexities. That said, there are several mistakes that East Bay commercial roofers often see, when we go out on jobs.

Multi-family housing

Here are 4 of them:

1. Pooled water on the roof.

Commercial roofs often are flat. As such, they’re perfect environments for water to pond. When water stands and percolates for weeks or months, it can cause leaks, mold, and warping of the structure. Sometimes, a broken roof HVAC unit or other strange source is responsible. But usually, the problem is bad roofing installation or design of the roof. For instance, a bad mopping job can lead to drains getting blocked and warped membranes. Or a poorly sealed roof hatch and or skylight can be the issue.

2. Penetrations and punctures.

Although it may not look like it, your Oakland industrial roof is a breathing, fluid structure. It expands and contracts based on humidity, temperature, and other variables. Branches and even birds can puncture roof systems, provoking leaks and even voiding your guarantee in some cases.

3. Roof Leaks caused by faulty pitch pans and flashing.

Flashing pitch pans are designed to prevent water from reaching the joints and seams of the roof. Some experts believe that bad flashing causes the majority of commercial leaks. When the roof material expands and contracts (due to temperature and humidity fluctuations), the flashing can break off or tear. Design and installation errors can also lead to breaking. Likewise, poorly maintained or installed pitch pans can allow water to leak under the roof into the pipeline.

4. Gunked up roof drains.

The Bay Area is notoriously windy. Gusts can carry leaves, debris, dust, and other unpleasant elements, which can clog up drains and lead to overflow and subsequent leakage.

Catching commercial roof maintenance trouble early

The longer it takes for you to resolve the maintenance issue (or crisis), the more costly and annoying the project will be. If you have tenants who rely on your building for their businesses, you run the risk of winding up in litigation with them.

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