Protecting Your Bay Area Roof

Whether you’re a property manager or a Bay Area shopping center developer, you want to keep management costs down, improve energy efficiency, and protect against structural damage that would require emergency roofing services.

One of the simplest, smartest ways to achieve these goals is to improve the roofing system’s insulation.


Image via Flickr

Your roof insulation system is like any other critical system in your life: your car’s engine, for instance, or plumbing or heating system. When a system works fine, you barely notice it. But when it breaks down, the results can be painful and even catastrophic.

For instance, poor roof insulation can cause heat to leach (escape) from a structure. As you probably recall from basic physics, heat rises. So if your insulation is sub-par, you’re literally paying to heat the outdoors. Good insulation can also prevent water damage or infestation from pests, mold, mildew, unwanted roofing services, etc.

Not All Roofing Contractors Are Created Equal!

To protect your property – or to conduct emergency repairs or proactive maintenance on a roof – you want a roofing contractor who has excellent referrals and a track record for completing projects on time and on spec. Look to the team here at Ben’s Roofing for thorough, effective help with your job. We can prevent annoying, costly structural problems from spiraling out of control and leading to tenant complaints, government fines or lawsuits.

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