Bay Area Residential Roofing Gutter Tips

As a Bay Area homeowner or landlord, you know that cleaning your gutters is important. But given the choice between sipping an Arnold Palmer on your porch and watching an A’s game on a lazy Sunday afternoon — and fitting on work gloves and getting all grimed up and stung by wasps — well…who wouldn’t choose the former?

gutter cleaning

But cleaning your gutters does not have to be an awful chore. In fact, it can be invigorating and even, dare we say, enjoyable. Here are some tips:

1. Get suited up to clean your gutters.

As the Boy Scouts brilliantly put it: be prepared. Get rubber gloves, a long sleeved shirt, a durable extendable ladder with stabilizers, a gutter scoop, a hat and sunblock. The day before you clean your gutters, put everything in front of your door, so you can just hop in the clothes and get going.

2. Be mindful as you go.

Approach the gutter cleaning task with the proper mindset. Deeply attend to the job, as you do it – focus on every scoop of gutter gunk that goes into your bucket, every crinkle of pine needle leaves, etc. Reflect on how blessed you are to have the tools to do this job and the ability to keep your home clean. Lose yourself in the moment.

3. Reward yourself for a job well done.

Before you begin, create a really fun treat to give yourself for completing the job. Maybe you and your spouse can hire a babysitter for the night and go dancing (assuming you have energy left). Or maybe you could just grab a sundae from the ice cream parlor down the street. When you finish, savor that reward!

4. Set up a system to deal with gutter maintenance.

Save yourself a lot of work, and get in touch with the professionals here at Ben’s Roofing. Even if you want to DIY gutter cleaning, we can help you come up with processes to keep your Bay Area roof and gutters looking brilliant and functioning perfectly – while minimizing costs and disruptions to your life. Get in touch with our team now, either through our contact form or by calling (510) 690-8570 to schedule a free estimate.