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San Francisco Roofing Company Knows Roof Hatches

Roof hatches can serve many purposes in commercial roofing, including providing access for maintenance or installation of new equipment. Many factors determine which size and type of hatch will meet your needs.

Hatch Purpose

Before installing a roof hatch, determine which type is best for your business needs.

  • Personnel Access requires a small covered hatch, along with a fixed ladder or service stairs.
  • Personnel and Equipment will require a larger hatch with service stairs.
  • Equipment Installation. The type and size of the equipment being loaded into or out of the building will determine the size of the hatch and other properties. For example, if an MRI machine is being installed in a hospital, the hatch will need to be made from non-magnetic materials.

Facility Type

What happens in the building will determine the type of hatch to go on the roof, and you may require custom design. Specific considerations include:

  • High Security Requirements
  • Dark Manufacturing or Storage Needs
  • Corrosive Environment and Materials
  • Lighting Considerations (e.g. clear for a skylight effect, solid for a dark environment)

These specific environmental and usage issues will determine the hatch materials to ensure its effectiveness and usable life.


A critical feature often forgotten when installing a roof hatch is the railing. OSHA requires all roof hatches be enclosed by a fall protection railing. This requirement will impact the dynamics and engineering constraints of your roof hatch installation.

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