How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

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You urgently need a roofing contractor to help you identify (and fix, ASAP) a leak in your building’s roof. Whether you’re a Bay Area homeowner who’s never had to deal with roof repair before, or you’re a developer or property manager who’s been swamped by roofing issues every quarter, Ben’s Roofing is here to help you find good strategies and make smarter choices.

Finding the source of a leak can be quite tricky. Water damage often manifests far from the actual source of the leak. You need to trace back to the root of the problem — a stain, in other words, often acts as little more than the “tip of the iceberg.”

Likewise, just because you see a leak appear in your walls or ceilings does NOT mean that the roof itself is the problem. Other elements, such as indoor plumbing, condensation or roof drains, could be the true source of the problem.

Professionals use what is known as a “water test” to identify the source of the leaks. In some ways, this is a process of elimination. You pour water on a particular area of a roof, then look for the manifestation of water damage or a leak. You continue in a piecemeal fashion. If you saturate too much of the roof with water at one time, you might not get much actionable information, if any, about the precise source of leak. So you need to go slowly.

Frustratingly, you may be able to find and solve 80 percent of the roofing problem, but the 20 percent of the problem that eludes you can still cause serious problems, such as mold and mildew, yucky air circulating, and damage to the structures of the building.

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