Why Industrial Roofing Professionals are Using Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

“Liquid applied roofing” sounds like a technique that a roofing contractor from the year 2113 might have at his or her disposal. But as they say, the future is now!

fluid applied roofing contractor

Fluid Applied Commercial Roofing © Ben’s Roofing 2013

The commercial roofing industry has been transformed by liquid applied roofing systems, which improves energy efficiency, boosts the structural integrity of roofs, lowers costs, and reduces environmental issues.

Why Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems Work

  • Some systems boast incredible reflectivity. This feature helps keep the air near the roof almost the same temperature as the ambient air. This is good for many reasons. First, it helps prevent what is known as thermal contraction and expansion – the natural “breathing” that happens when a material heats up and cools down. A more reflective roof bounces off the sunlight (instead of absorbing it).
  • Plus, liquid roofs reduce stress on the seams and fasteners.
  • They’re also affordable, durable and moisture and leak resistant.
  • The adhesion is also superior. So you won’t have to worry as much about the roof becoming loose and allowing seepage.
  • Liquid metal roofing is great for commercial roofing jobs, if landlords want to avoid disrupting or annoying their tenants. Installation is easy and relatively quiet.

Is Liquid Applied Roofing Right for Your Commercial or Industrial Job?

Different buildings have different needs. Liquid applied roofing is not a cure-all for energy efficiency, pollution reduction, and resiliency. But it has a wide range of applications.

A roofing contractor at Ben’s Roofing would love to talk to you about this technique as well as other options. We’ll make sure that your project gets done right and that you minimize the cost, time and effort you spend repairing your roof and managing it going forward. Call us today at 510.690.8570 or fill out our online contact form.